Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy for Services  Sold on this website.

You are  entitled  to  a  refund  if  nothing has  commenced  due to  your  purchase. When we receive  payment we will  contact you  to discuss your order.  This  is a  confirmation  conversation. Once  we have confirmation we  will   begin  to process  your  order.  Our services vary,  some require  very little work and  some require significant leg  work. Depending  on the service purchased  your refund amount after the confirmation  point will vary.

1. streetlights  Displays  – If  you  purchase a Display  Advertising  campaign we  will discuss  artwork deadlines. You may choose to do  the design  yourself or have us design  your campaign. Either way  we  will ask for  a  high  resolution  copy of your  logo or  give you  a  artwork  deadline  date.  When  the deadline comes for  artwork  it  is at  this  point that you would loose  your  refund  rights.  If you  ask for  a  refund  after  the  artwork has  gone to  print you  will  lose  25%  of the total  campaign amount  to cover  both time, design  work and printing  costs.  All campaigns  are  sold  in  monthly  segments. If you  wish to  cancel before  14  days  you  can  but  will loose  75% of the  total  campaign  cost. If you  have  paid  for  3,  6 or  12  month  campaigns  in  advance  you will be refunded  50% of the total campaign  cost.  

1.1 note –  If  you wish  to  reinstate  your campaign you can do this at any point  and the  percentage of the campaign we have kept will go towards your  next campaign. This is particularly  good if  you decided  to hold off  an a  campaign  that  you had previously thought was the right  time to do. Your  money will be  kept  as  credit if  you wish  to  restart  the  campaign  at a  later  date.  

2. If you  hire  a professional you  will  asked to confirm  you placed  this  order  at the  confirmation conversation stage.  Once the  professional  starts  on  a  job there is  no usual cancellation  as  you  have paid up front  for  his or  her service for a predetermined period of  time.  If  you must  cancel you can and  you  will  be refunded  the  remainder of the  time purchased with a  penalty of  25%  of  the  total  time cost. 

2.1 note – if  you wish to reinstate  your professional  you  can  do this  at any point and a  discretionary discount will be applied to your next hiring. 

3. Data buying again we will discuss  your order with you to better understand your  profiling. Once we  have a completed profile  for  the data required  you  would  loose  your right 3 business  days after this date. If it is before  you would receive a  refund minus the consultation cost  of £100.  This penalty can  be  avoided if you have  not used your free  consultation.

3.1 note – If you wish  to revive this order at a later date you can do so and a £50 additional  discount will  be applied  to any current  applicable discounts. 

4. Photography, Film & Virtual Tours  – We will discuss your order with you to arrange a date for first meeting, planning & photography or filming depending on the project. If you cancel before  the first meeting date you would receive a full refund minus a  penalty of £100. This penalty can  be avoided if you have not used your free consultation meeting.  Once the agreed meeting time has been met  you are  no longer  entitle to a refund. You may postpone the work to 1 other date but no refund can be given. Postponing will come at a cost of £100 per person involved if they  have arrived at your venue.

5. Website Development – Purchasing any of out web development plans can be cancelled at any time. Due to these being  on going contractual basis contracts you will be charged for the developers  time for the  hand over  period. Hand over costs vary depending on the complexity of the website and training may be required.  This will be handled on a case  by case basis. If you have hosted your own domain and we are working on it then there  is no handover work and you will only pay for upto the end of the month we are  in at the time of cancellation.  

6. Search Engine Optimisation  – Hiring a Professional – Refer to 2 and 2.1 for Hiring a Professional

6.1 Blog Outreach – You are entitled to a full refund if we cannot secure a placement. However once placement has been agreed upon you will no longer be entitled to a refund. 

6.2 Citations  – You can stop citation building at any point  – you will  receive a refund  based on the number of citations still to be completed and the total cost. 

6.3  Content Writing – Once you have confirmed that you placed the order and discussions have begun you will be entitle to 75% of the total purchase cost. You  can stop content writing at any point – You will receive  a copy of what has been done so far. You will receive a discount less the percentage complete of the  content being written.

7.Business Decor orders – Once placed we will confirm your order once confirmed no refund can be issued.

8. Third Party Companies –  www.warchery.com &  www.shareandprosper.club – We  do  not sell this on your website,  terms  will have to be refered to  on  their website. We receive affiliate commissions from these sites.