Achieving viral marketing success today can sometimes feel the equivalent to winning the Lottery! Everyone wants to it but very few ever achieve it. The only difference between the two is that one is pure luck and the other isn’t. A viral campaign can be manufactured but achieving real results can be difficult without the right recipe. That is why we have devised a formula for your business to increase your chances of achieving those jackpot results!

When someone shares a video it is rarely related to business and is almost always just a funny video they want to share with their friends. So how do we businesses create content people will share? After-all word of mouth is the most powerful type of advertising so the digital version of this being the Facebook Share button is something we should pay attention to. The answer is to create the most interesting content you can think of, something the public rarely see… Maybe a behind the scenes video of your chef doing what he does best in the kitchen or a video from the perspective of some one experiencing your activity first hand. So you now have something you are excited to share with the public, great! Now what about incentive, this is for making increasing profits after-all. A little incentive can go a long way. How about if they share the video they get a deal to experience what they just saw at the best price possible. Kind of like a VIP membership to your business… They have just told all their friends and  family about you, heck I’d give someone something on the house if they did that but we can’t go and give everyone something for free… We still want to Capitalise off each new fan we get here… So how about sending each person that helps marketing your business a discount code where they can buy an already prepared deal online, now that could work! Sounds like a lot of work right? Wouldn’t it be great if some professionals could just come in and make all this happen for you? Luckily enough this exists and between Taylored Media and Share & Prosper all this can be achieved in under 14 days and within your budget. Find out more about how this works by checking out our Photography & Film page and our Digital Marketing partners